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Best Practices for Solar Operations and Maintenance

If you're into green energy, solar panels are a great option. As more people across the country opt to be eco-friendly, you may see more solar panels pop up. Solar panels provide clean energy that is converted from the natural energy from the sun.

While solar panels may be cost-effective and clean, they still require work to maintain. If you don't properly clean, maintain and inspect your solar panels, you may run into a host of problems. Let's review what you need to know about solar power maintenance.

Build Up and Blockage From the Elements

Since solar panels are outside, it is only natural that they face the elements. As a result, your solar panels will have to deal with a buildup of dirt, pollen, and other debris.

Luckily, rainfall provides a natural way to cleanse away such elements. However, you will have to actively inspect your panels for such buildup and clean them up when there is less rain in drier months.

Lack of Direct Sunlight

Solar panels simply won't work without enough sunlight to convert energy from. Therefore, you must make sure the panels are always in the optimal location to receive the most sunlight. You should always make sure they are pointing directly at the sun.

The direction of the sun can change throughout the year, so plan to adjust your panels accordingly.

Tall trees and buildings can also block direct sunlight from panels. If you live in an area where it can often be cloudy or rainy, make sure you do extra inspections to test the capacity of your panels.

Corroded or Loose Wires

There are wires in your solar panels that convert the sun's energy to electricity. When those wires malfunction, your energy output is greatly reduced.

Corroded wires are poor conductors so they produce electricity at a reduced level. Loose wires will eventually not produce any electricity at all. This is why maintenance is important to avoid having problems. Regular inspection will spot faulty wiring.

Annual Cleaning

While solar panels are low maintenance, some light cleaning may be necessary. As mentioned, rain water will naturally clean the panels. However, you may want to have a professional check and clean them once or twice a year.

Take Care of Your Solar Panels

In conclusion, solar panels are relatively low maintenance, but it does not mean you should not look after them. This type of energy source is very durable and can last about 25 years with care. So remember these best practices for solar operations and maintenance, such as routine wire inspections, annual cleanings, and direct sunlight placement. As a result, you can enjoy clean energy for years to come.

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