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How Seasons Affect Your Solar Savings

What does solar energy have to do with seasons? Solar panels rely on sunlight to produce energy. That means during summer, you will get more energy output than during winter. But does that mean solar panels will not be efficient during winter? Not necessarily. Solar panels will still work if they get sunlight. But the intensity of the sunlight will vary depending on weather, climate, and geographical location.

Solar Panels Are More Efficient During Summer

Solar panels will work better during summer for many reasons. For starters, the days are usually longer. That means your solar panels receive sunlight for more hours than in winter. The angle of the sun also contributes. With the sun being directly overhead in summer, the sun's rays will be stronger, hence increasing the efficiency of the panels. Generally, you can expect your solar system to generate more energy during summer than in winter.

If you split one year into two six-month portions, with summer stretching from March to September and winter running from September to March, about two-thirds of energy output will be generated in the summer half.

Relying on Solar Power During Winter

Can you rely on solar power during the winter? Fortunately, even in winter, one can still rely on solar as long as there is no heavy cloud coverage or snowstorms. Note that if the solar panels are covered in snow, they will not produce any energy. But because the solar panels have a slippery surface and are usually placed in an angled direction, they will shed snow easily. So once the sky clears, the panels can absorb light and produce energy.

Electricity Usage Also Affects Seasonal Solar Performance

Your electricity usage can also impact the solar panel’s seasonal performance. Some households tend to use more energy during winter, particularly homes with electric heat and not gas heat. Other people will use more energy in summer because the AC has been cranked up to help keep the home cool. Depending on how you use electricity, your solar savings can change depending on a particular season.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to address this issue. Get a solar battery to ensure that you have enough energy for your home despite climate or weather changes. This will allow you to store the solar energy generated in peak production periods. So, even when your solar system’s output decreases, you will still have stored energy. Solar batteries can help you make the most of your solar savings. This will prevent you from buying supplemental energy to power your home.

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