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How To Maintain Your Automatic Solar Cleaning System

If you own solar panels, you know the best way to ensure their proper function is to keep them clean. These are some frequently asked questions about automatic solar panel cleaning, so you'll know which practices are best.

How Do I Keep My Solar Panels Clean?

There are three ways you can clean your solar panels. The manual way is to go outside and clean them yourself, and the second way is to invest in an automatic cleaning system. Thirdly, you can contact a professional solar panel cleaning company and ask for their assistance with your panels.

To clean the solar panels yourself, you should first read the manufacturer's instructions to ensure you handle them appropriately. Not all panels have the same maintenance instructions. Thus, you need to find out if yours require any special processes. You will most likely need a garden hose, ladder, harness, hard hat, and other safety materials if you climb the roof to get to the panels. Use a substance such as vinegar for cleaning and use a sponge, squeegee, or cloth for the wiping.

The best advice for efficient and safe solar panel cleaning is to do it on a cool day and turn the panels off first. Try to get at the panels from the ground with a long-handled cleaning device rather than getting on a ladder. Use the highest level of safety if you have no choice but to use the ladder. Once you're in place, you can apply the cleaner and wipe your panels gently until all dust and debris dislodge.

What Is an Automatic Solar Cleaning System?

An automatic solar cleaning system is a piece of technology well worth the cost. The system has nozzles connecting to each panel and uses a specially-designed solar panel cleaning solution. Once the cleaning system is installed, you can control it with a button, and you'll never have to wipe or scrub your panels manually.

You might want to consider investing in this type of cleaning system to avoid risking injuries and causing damage to the panels. You'll receive a professional, hassle-free solar panel cleaning with elements designed for your panels specifically, and you won't have to overexert yourself to get it done. The only downside to the panel cleaning system is that it can be pricey. However, some programs might be available to assist you.

How Often Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

Typically, you should have your panels cleaned at least once every six months. However, if you have an automatic cleaner, you can increase that number and clean your solar panels as often as you desire. Choose a once a month cleaning if you feel that dirt and dust get on them more frequently than they should. You could even clean them every week if you so desire.

Think about the least troublesome and most effective way to clean your solar panels. Speak to a professional solar panel cleaning company or a system provider to learn more about the pricing.

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