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Keeping a Commercial Solar System in Optimal Working Order: A Guide

Keeping a solar system in optimal working order is an essential part of maintaining the lifetime performance and reliability of a commercial-sized solar system. 

Without regular maintenance, photovoltaic efficiency may suffer, causing it to generate less electricity than your system was designed to output. 

To help you preserve your installation’s performing capabilities and extend its life span, we have compiled this useful guide on how to care for your commercial sized solar panel array once it has been successfully installed.

Who's In Charge of Solar Maintenance?

It is essential that the owner, or a certified solar system maintenance company, take on the work of keeping up and servicing a big-scale solar energy system. 
Solar system maintenance companies can provide corrective, scheduled, and condition-based maintenance, performance optimization, and 24/7 system monitoring. This is a big advantage for system owners, as they can access specialized staff to keep the system running at peak performance.

Develop a Maintenance Schedule:

To keep your commercial solar system functioning at its best, developing a maintenance schedule is essential. The plan should include routine tasks like periodic panel inspection and cleaning, as well as scheduled replacements of any parts that are beginning to show signs of wear. 
Your maintenance plan should take into account seasonal or location-specific factors, such as extreme temperatures or the amount of dust or other debris in the area. 
Taking the time to create and adhere to a maintenance schedule will help ensure that your system continues to deliver efficient performance for years to come.

Performance Monitoring:

Performance monitoring is an important part of maintaining a successful industrial solar system. Keeping tabs on its output will help you diagnose minor problems before they become more serious and more costly to repair.

With automated performance monitoring systems, you can quickly and accurately access reviewable data that can provide helpful insights into your system’s functioning. Plus, with automated systems you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the manual data entry side of things. An automated monitoring system will store all your performance records for easy retrieval whenever needed so you can maximize performance and efficiency at all times.

Clean & Inspect:

Keeping a system clean and in good condition is important for maintaining optimal performance. Automated cleaning systems offer the speed and efficiency that manual cleaning just can't match, reducing downtime and preventing premature breakdowns.

Regular manual inspections are also key in keeping systems running smoothly since they can help identify broken or damaged parts so they can be quickly addressed before potential issues become serious problems. Automated cleaning and regular manual inspections can help ensure your systems operate at their most efficient levels for as long as possible.

Regularly Run Diagnostics

Making sure your system is optimized for maximum production is essential to produce the highest return on investment possible . 

In addition to real time remote monitoring and diagnostics, site assessments are crucial.

Thermal imaging to detect panel malfunctions at the cell level, V-Curve testing of strings, torque testing at critical electrical and structural connections are just a few of the ways problems can be mitigated before they ever exist.  

By regularly running these diagnostics, any abnormalities can be quickly identified and addressed in order to maintain optimal performance and savings.

Warranty Compliance

Keep your warranties valid by ensuring all manufacturer required annual maintenance is completed and documented. 

Doing so will help limit repair costs and can even help you avoid costly system breakdowns.  Having a maintenance plan in place and making sure to follow it will help ensure that your system remains compliant with warranty requirements.

Need an O&M Consultation?

If you need help maintaining your commercial-sized solar system, reach out to our team of experienced professionals. We can provide a comprehensive maintenance plan that is designed to meet the needs of your installation and maximize its efficiency. We are here to support you every step of the way, providing expert advice and effective maintenance solutions for your commercial solar system. 

With the right maintenance plan and a reliable team of professionals to monitor, inspect, and service it, your commercial solar system will stay in optimal working condition.

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